So far you have only worked together.

You have not yet collaborated.

How organizations function twice as well with half the money

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What is Syntegration

Syntegration® is a method to find optimal solutions for complex problems in only 2-3 days involving all relevant key stakeholders while forming consensus and aligning them behind the joint solutions. The use of Syntegration allows you to:


revolutionize the way your people collaborate, cooperate and solve problems


find optimized solutions for your biggest, trans-disciplinary and trans-departmental problems


solve your problems in a fraction of the time needed so far


create consensus, ownership, buy-in and alignment among your people


maximize collective intelligence of your organization


get rid of all the coordination effort and time so far needed to tackle complex problems

The Malik Syntegration®

Releasing creativity, intelligence and energy. Connecting knowledge in an optimal way: to master complexity. Identify and solve even the toughest challenge in only 2-3 days.







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Why Syntegration


Problems get more and more complex and need to be solved faster and faster because the world changes ever faster.


The big challenges are inter-disciplinary and across departments and silos; they are systemic in nature.


The small team does not suffice anymore – more and more people need to be involved.

The old way of doing things

By splitting them into small teams and working groups.

  • Minimal knowledge, quickly reach their limit, difficult to coordinate

By organizing large events such as meetings, conferences.

  • Unproductive, inefficient

The Syntegration wayTime becomes no longer part of the equation

Syntegration minimizes the time needed to solve complex issues by doing simultaneously what used to be done sequentially

Syntegration optimizes the way people connect and communicate thereby guaranteeing the optimal distribution of knowledge, opinions, views, and language. Because it matters how you connect people

This way, participants can work like one brain

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