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What is Syntegration®

Syntegration® is the most effective communication architecture available today. It is a method to find optimal solutions for complex problems in only 2-3 days involving all relevant key stakeholders while forming consensus and aligning them behind the joint solutions.

Chance favors the prepared mind.
Conditioning and Mind-Setting of participants maximizing the possible scope for solutions while ensuring effective onboarding.

How much command, how much self-steering agenda.
Mass customise the way of suggesting, emerging or determining the topic to be discussed against the background of the Opening Question.
Classic, Systemic or determination by management.

Facilitation is not moderation.
Facilitation of every single work-stream by certified Malik Syntegration® Facilitators with >15y of experience at and with the Malik Management Systems.

The back-end.
Preparation and delivery of the Syntegration core process by certified Malik Syntegration® Operators with >50x Malik Syntegration experience.

Make the system speak about itself.
Systemic exploration management diagnostics based on and mapped to the Malik Management Models®. Perspectives: Strategy, Structure, Culture, Management System Audit, Managerial Effectiveness, but also verticals based on PIMS® Predictive Analytics: Strategic Benchmarking, Customer Value and Management, Operational Excellence.

Identification of system levers.
Computer-assisted and systemic analysis of the control loop of the “system in focus”. Identify and leverage the those the differences that make a difference.

Vilfredo Pareto at Implementation.
Systemic Prioritization of Actions based on and mapped to the systemic control loop analysis: Which 20% of actions can get you to 80% of the result.

Individual Preferences yet Group Optimum.
Based on individual preferences yet representing the group optimum.

Solutions you have, implementation it is.
Implementation support after Syntegration to ensure the required interconnectedness of actions doesn’t end up in the silos of daily business.

Elimination of Location
eSyntegration based on MS Teams or as “Syntegration as a Service” (available soon) make location irrelevant while allowing for collaboration across different time zones.

The Malik Syntegration®

Releasing creativity, intelligence and energy. Connecting knowledge in an optimal way: to master complexity. Identify and solve the toughest challenge in 3 ½ days.

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Why Syntegration®


Problems get more and more complex and need to be solved faster and faster because the world changes ever faster.


The big challenges are inter-disciplinary and across departments and silos; they are systemic in nature


The small team does not suffice anymore – more and more people need to be involved

With Syntegration® you can:


revolutionize the way your people collaborate, cooperate and solve problems.


find optimized solutions for your biggest, trans-disciplinary and trans-departmental problems.


create consensus, ownership, buy-in and alignment among your people.


maximize collective intelligence of your organization.

After a Syntegration® you will have: